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El Dorado Water Utilities Announces a Meter Replacement Project

The El Dorado Water Utilities recently announced that it is teaming with Utility Metering Solutions (UMS) to replace a majority of our residential and all of our commercial meters.  This change will positively impact both the environment and El Dorado Water Utilities ability to accurately and efficiently serve our customer’s needs.  This effort will begin in June, 2015 and will take several months to complete.

Residential customers will be notified with a postcard announcing the dates the UMS crews will be in their neighborhood.  On the day of the change-out, the UMS personnel will knock on the door to indicate the work is about to start.  The water should not be turned off for more than thirty minutes.

After the installation, if the water is cloudy or if there is air in the lines, customers should run their bathtub or sink at the highest point in the house and it should clear.

Commercial customers will be called for an appointment to install their new meter.

EWU is spending more than $2 million dollars on this project to better serve our customers.